Meet the world-class team
behind Quench

The content creator economy is estimated to be worth over $100 billion dollars every year. Yet, the bulk of the revenue generated from advertising for example goes to platforms like YouTube and Facebook, while creators are cut short.

Quench reimagines the creator industry and hands back independence to content creators. With the capability to build their own video site and tools to manage fan engagement, creators can grow and build a reliable-steady income.

We started in 2021, and we’ve grown rapidly. We’re continuously working on our product to make it the best possible experience for creators and fans alike.

We’re led by Husayn Kassai, our CEO and founder at Quench. Prior to Quench, Husayn was CEO (and co-founder) at Onfido, an identity verification start-up and led a global team of 450 team members across 7 regions.