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    10 Habits of Highly Successful Content Creators

    To be a successful content creator, you need to do more than just publish video content and hope for the best. You need to stay informed about your industry and learn from others doing it well but also maintain quality and consistency.

    We know it’s hard trying to juggle so many things as a creator, but often it we forget to focus

    We’ve created a quick guide to help you get on top of your game.

    Here are 10 habits of highly successful content creators:

    📰 1. Read news about your industry every day

    Our brains are wired to learn from stories, not data. So if you want to build the most engaging content, start by reading news about your industry every day. This will help you understand what people are interested in and make it easier for you to create videos that people want to watch.

    You’ll also be able to keep on top of the latest trends and developments in your industry, so naturally, these areas will feed into your content. The more understanding and knowledge you have as a creator on a subject, the more you’ll be able to feed that back as insights into your content for your audience – making your content less generic and more unique.

    ✍️ 2. Write on the regular

    If you want to be a successful content creator, you need to write every day. Yes, we know this is a tough ask, but this will help you build an audience and develop your voice. It can also help with SEO and search engine rankings, as well as make it easier for people to find your videos with better descriptions.

    💡Tip: Try boxing off 30-minutes a day to write at least 500 words on your niche or area of interest. 500 words might seem like a lot, but it’s more or less equivalent to two tweets, which definitely doable.

    🔎 3. Study your industry’s audience

    If you want to create the best content, it’s important to understand your audience. You should know what types of videos they like and what topics they’re interested in. This will help you create more engaging content that people want to watch.

    💡Tip: Join communities that are part of your industry. These can be Discord channels, Telegram groups or forums. This will allow you to understand the differing points of view your audience has and what the nuances are.

    🗣 4. Establish your own voice

    You need to find your own voice to be a successful content creator. It goes without saying, you won’t be the only content creator in your particular niche, so what’s going to set you apart from the competition? You need to find what makes you unique, and then you can use that to create content that will resonate with your audience. You’ll be able to build a loyal following if you have a unique style that’s all your own.

    When you’re consistent with your voice, you provide a clear message to audiences. The more consistent a brand is with voice, the more likely messaging will be retained.

    💡Tip: Try to think about what your values are as a creator and what matters to you, and how you will use your voice to engage with your audience. Stay true to your values, and this will naturally resonate with your voice as a creator and as a brand.

    🛠 5. Offer solutions to problems

    The best content creators are the ones who can offer solutions to problems that their audience is having. If you’re just making videos about how awesome your product is, then there’s not much value in it for your viewers. They’ll get bored quickly and look for another video with more substance. But if you can create content that offers a solution to a problem, then people will be more likely to stick around. You might even get comments like, “This is the first thing that’s worked for me!” or “I didn’t know how to solve this problem until now!” That’s what makes it so important to offer solutions with your content.

    One of the fundamental reasons creators fail is because they stop becoming ‘useful’ to their audiences or don’t provide the same entertainment value as before, and then eventually, people switch off. Try to stay fresh and build upon previous successes.

    🔑 6. Use relevant keywords in your videos

    When people search for something online, they use keywords to help them find what they’re looking for. You want your videos to show up when someone searches for those words, so ensure you include them in your content.

    💡Tip: YouTube’s autocomplete feature on search gives you a sneak peek at what users are searching for in your niche.

    📼 7. Create videos with a purpose

    Have you ever watched a video and not understood why it was made? If so, then that’s likely because the creator didn’t have a clear intention for their content. You can avoid this by starting each video with an objective in mind—whether it’s educating or entertaining your audience or driving them to action (like signing up for your newsletter).

    And remember, always ask for feedback. Every video you make should be a learning experience—not just for your audience but for yourself as well.

    🤝 8. Network at every opportunity

    You don’t have to be an extrovert to make networking a part of your routine. This can include attending industry events, joining social media groups and forums, or simply connecting with other content creators in your area through LinkedIn.

    You can also use networking to stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. You never know what opportunities will come your way by connecting with people, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

    💡Tip: Look out for some of our Quench events for content creators across different cities globally. Come and say hello, and make some new friends!

    🗓 9. Create a consistent schedule for publishing new content

    If you want to build an audience that regularly visits your site or YouTube channel, then it’s important that they know when they can expect new content from you each week—whether that’s every Monday morning at 10 am or on the first day of every month.

    Consistency is ‘King’, and most creators aren’t able to prioritise around their own commitments to regular output content. Creators that can create a consistent schedule for their audience will always be more successful than those that don’t.

    🌱 10. Think about how you can grow your audience

    If you want to create content that will get more views, then you need to think about how you can expand your reach. One way is to learn what kinds of videos people are searching for on YouTube and make sure that yours fits those search terms—but don’t just copy an existing video; try to come up with something unique and original!

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